Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So far so good.

Well, we are a week and a few days into our new lives in Cebu. I would say for the most part things have gone really really well. We are getting used to a lot of new things like, roosters crowing not only in the early morning but all through the night, birds flying around INSIDE the grocery store, stray goats taking a leisure stroll down the middle of the street, and the crazy and I mean CRAZY traffic. All things that we will get used to, but are kind of funny and interesting to us now.

Jake has been in full swing at the office and is learning a lot. He is really enjoying getting to know more about CSC and really sees himself fitting into his role here quite well. He and Paul (the Field Director/Founder) are like 2 peas in a pod. They get along really well and have a similar sense of humor. Thanks for praying for the rest of us ;)

The kids and I are starting to venture out on our own. We went for an adventure today and prayed all the way that we would get to and from our destination safely. Did I mention how crazy the traffic is!?! Both of our taxi drivers that we had spoke pretty good English so we were fortunate there. We are sticking to really safe places like the malls so far. We are hoping to venture out into cultural things soon. I think I need to work on my Cebuano a bit more before we do that though.

We are still waiting for our school supplies to get here. It may take up to another 4 weeks we have been told. PLEASE pray that it gets here soon. We are all anxious to get started. We have been doing a few things here and there where we can. Lots of bugs to learn about around here and we also made our own bug spray. That counts for something, right? Of coarse the kids have been reading and journaling on a daily basis as well. Life here is an educational experience in and of itself, but like I said, we are anxious to get started with our texts books too.

We have been spending as much time at the shelter as we can. We usually go up there during free time, if its not raining. That has been by far the highlight of the day for Isaac, Carter, and Mady. They love playing and getting to know the children here and are fitting in really well. Praise God!

That's all for now, I could go on and on, and I will eventually :) For now, here are a few things to continue to pray for:

  • Continued safety. Especially as the kids and I venture out on our own.
  • Health. Isaac woke in the night not feeling well and Carter has been dealing with  sore throat.
  • That we continue to adjust well to cultural things.
  • The CSC children who are getting older and will age out of adoption according to the Philippine government. This seriously breaks my heart. Once they turn 16 with out younger siblings they are no longer considered adoptable. PLEASE pray for families to come along and want to adopt older children. Please!
  • School supplies to arrive soon

Thank you faithful prayer warriors. We feel your prayers and are so incredibly thankful!

Here are a few photos of the kiddos enjoying their time at CSC. Please enjoy them here but do not copy and post them on social media, thank you!! *Pam

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  1. How wonderful to read about your new adventures and as I was reading, I was playing it in my mind, as if I was seeing it with you. Praying for all of you and for your requests. Just moving there is such a learning experience. I remember those days since I am or was a military brat.

    God is so good and always with us.
    Love in Christ, Hugs, and Prayers,