Tuesday, July 4, 2017

nine... NINE!!!

Nine. That is the number of children that were told they have a mom and dad in the month of June. They will soon be leaving us to go live with an actual family! The excitement around a "telling" is so fun. Seeing a child for the first time after they have been told they have a family is so sweet. I often get teary eyed because I see the happiness, fear, excitement, sadness, and joy in their eyes when they tell me they have a mom and a dad. After one of the tellings I was at the school and the little girl that was told she had a family came running up to me to tell me she had a mom and a dad. The excitement in her voice was so fun to hear. I could hardly keep the tears back on this one. I remember a couple of weeks ago I was at the shelter at night praying with some of the girls before bed. This girl was in my group and she prayed specifically for a mom and a dad (as so many of them do each night). Who knew that her prayers would be answered just a few weeks later. We have kids that will soon be leaving us and it is so fun and exciting to think about them with their new families. The kids often ask us if we have been to the area in which they are going. A lot of times we can say yes and can tell them a little about the area. One of the sibling groups will be going to Tennesee and we were there not too long ago so we were able to share a little what it is like there. We have kids going to Italy, Australia, and the U.S soon. Please keep praying for these beautiful children as they prepare to meet their families. Pray for their new families too as they prepare for their children to come home. Pray for the children and friends here that are left behind. Also, please keep praying for more of us to open our hearts and homes to the orphan. Love you all!! ~Pam