Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Adoption Update

Hello all,

   It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that we have been denied the girl we had requested to adopt. We were told that due to birth order we will not be able to precede with this particular girl. We are heart broken to say the least.

   We have more questions then answers at this point. None of it makes sense. We were approved to move forward with the age range of 6-14 and we are now being told that we cannot adopt out of birth order, so the child we would be approved for would have to be younger then our youngest (age 8). We truly believe that every child deserves a family, but our hearts hurt for the child that is at risk of aging out.

   We are continuing to trust that Lord has a perfect plan for us, and for the girl that we thought would be our daughter. We pray that the Lord provides a loving family for her soon so she doesn't have to sit in an institution any longer. As much as we love CSC and love how they take care of the children there, a family is a better option then an orphanage.

   We also feel strongly that a family (even out of birth order) is better then the risk of aging out. We do not understand the Philippines decision but there is nothing we can do at this point except pray for a miracle. Will you please pray with us. Pray for a miracle that somehow they will change their mind and allow us to continue to pursue an older child. Can you pray for this girl that she will be given a family soon. If it isn't ours, we pray that it is another family that will love her as fiercely as we do.

Where do we go from here....

   We are continuing to move along with the adoption process without a match at this time. We have our fingerprinting appointments scheduled for next week and then our immigration papers will be processed and all of our paperwork can be sent to the Philippines.

   We will not be requesting another child at this time. We are going to allow our hearts to heal for awhile. We need our hearts to heal for awhile in order for it to be fair to another child who might come into our home and to our children and Jake and I who have pictured life with this girl in our family. We are going to pray through what the Lord has for us, and we are going to continue to pray that the Lord still allows us to adopt this girl. We are going to give it some time and see if we can't "re-apply" (for lack of a better word) for this girl if she doesn't have a family yet in a couple of months. Our hope truly is, that she will have a loving family by then OR that the PH changes their minds about us.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We will keep you updated as much as we can. We love you all.

~Jake and Pam

Monday, February 5, 2018

FUNdraiser Opportunity

Hi my friends! As most of you know by now, we are adopting :)  A lot of you know, or could guess, that adoption is EXPENSIVE! And some of you have asked us how you can help, and for that we are grateful. For those of you who would love to help us out, we are currently doing a fundraiser with One Mission.

With One Mission, there are 3 ways that YOU can support us:

1. You can purchase any of the One Mission’s awesome products online and 40% (FORTY PERCENT!!!) of what you spend will be donated to us! (There are some pretty amazing t-shirts, art prints, jewelry items, and much more to choose from!)

2. You can donate cash right on the link (kind of like a  "go fund me" page except One Mission DOESN’T charge a platform fee!!! How amazing is that!) AND/OR

3. You can share this fund with your friends and family. To do that you can copy the link below and post on your social media pages or you can email it to friends and family with a short blurb about what we are doing.

We love you and appreciate you all so much and THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for loving us and supporting us on this mission to Change the World for ONE.

For those of you curious, our family is purchasing the “Be the Change” t-shirts, so if you would like to match us, feel free to order that one in any color!!! Together, we can Be the Change!

With Love, The Schulz Family!