Friday, February 10, 2017

American Food!

Cooking here is an absolute adventure. Trying to find ingredients for a certain recipe is a total treasure hunt! We have turned it into a game instead of an annoyance (or we would go batty). I get the kids involved and it is a huge victory when we find what we are looking for. Seriously. Happy dance in the middle of the grocery store isle, victory! We typically stock up when we find our favorites too. Just because we are able to find it once, doesn't mean we will find it in the same place again :)  The kids LOVE it when we find "normal" food (normal in their eyes, they have asked a few times why filipinos don't do burgers haha). This week we were able to find some american favorites. Doritos, Rootbeer in a bottle, and pickles!! We splurged and purchased a small weber grill so we could grill out and have the whole experience. We made burgers on the grill with bleu cheese for our first meal! I know this is a small thing but for us it was the world! A taste of home so to speak.  The kiddos especially really really miss "home cookin" that includes burgers, brats, and hotdogs :) We did a lot of that in the states and usually it was eaten with friends and family. While we didn't have the friends around the table to enjoy it we still very much enjoyed our flame grilled burgers!

We even found tomato soup to make with grilled cheese!! :)