Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Game Delay

We were able to experience the coolest thing on Sunday afternoon. The boys are involved in a soccer program that meets every Sunday at a Filipino army base here in Cebu. This last Sunday we arrived at soccer and were informed that our game might be interrupted by a couple of helicopters who will be landing on the field. Sure enough we were informed again that yes indeed we will need to clear the field because 2 helicopters carrying the Secretary of Defense and his team will be landing on the soccer field. It was one of the coolest things to see these gigantic helicopters fly in and land, drop off their people, and leave again. We were surprised they actually let us stay and watch in amazement as this happened. No way we would have been able to stay and watch in the states :) Here are a few pictures that I was able to snap with my phone. The video cut out just as it was turning to land because I ran out of space on my phone and the dirt was kicking up in my face anyway so I had to shield myself from the flying dust and dirt :) Enjoy!

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