Saturday, June 18, 2016

Making Memories

Growing up my favorite part of the summer was the time I got to spend with my cousins in South Dakota. I got to spend a WHOLE week with my grandma and cousins every single summer. My cousin, Christi, was my best friend growing up. We cherished our time together every year. We didn't get to see each other very often because of the 6 hour car ride that separated us but when we were together we never stopped laughing. We did so many fun things together like swimming and going to ball games and swinging on the swing set for hours. We laughed HARD and played all day long. We made up songs and drove our parents nuts I am sure! We ate junk food and went to bible camp together. I could go on and on about our silliness and the fun we had growing up!

(Sorry Christi, I had too! This makes me laugh just looking at it! We thought we were so funny!)

The days and weeks back them seemed to go on forever and I loved every minute of it! Now the days don't seem as long and the weeks are flying by. It won't be long until we say our last goodbyes to most of our friends and family for at least 2 years. We are, however, making the most of the time that we have right now to make memories!

This past week the kiddos were able to make their own memories with their cousin, Bjorn. This was his first time staying with us for a whole week! We had so much fun together! Even though it rained most of the week we were still able to make some fun memories with him and we are so grateful for that! Thank you Nick and Jen for letting us borrow him for awhile!! We look forward to spending more cousin time together in July with our other cousins! For now, here is our week together in pictures :)

The Farm

Rainy morning so board games it is!

Scooter fun

Bjorn LOVED taking Bentley for walks :)

Lots and lots of lego time :)

Finally a nice day to go to the beach!


The cousins (Carter, Bjorn, Isaac, Blaire, and Mady)

Until we see you again! Thanks for a fun week!!

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