Friday, June 10, 2016

School's Out for Summer!!!

It was a bitter sweet ending to the school year this year. I have always LOVED the end of the school year because that means I get to spend all day with my 3 kiddos and do fun summer things with them. This year it was different. I am still looking forward to the summer and spending time with them but it was also a box checked on our list of things to do before we move to the other side of the world.  I was able to keep the tears at bay for the most part. Although it was harder to say goodbye to school this year knowing that we will not be coming back in the fall.

It was really really hard to say goodbye to Madelyn's class. I have spent almost EVERY Thursday in her classroom this year with her and her friends. They read to me and we talked about fun life things along the way. She had the best teacher for her personality. Mrs. Mass was SO patient with her and Mady loves her so much! I am often called "Mrs. Mass I mean mom" when she calls for me :) Thank you Mrs. Mass for such a wonderful First Grade Year!!

Carter's class was just as hard to say goodbye to. Although I didn't spend as much time in the classroom with him I knew he was having a great year! He LOVED his teachers this year and they challenged him to do better. They helped him play to his strengths and helped him finish strong, even in the areas of school he doesn't enjoy as much (writing :) ). Both teachers had nothing but praise for Carter in how far he had matured over the school year. Thank you Mr. Deggendorf and Mr. Donaldson for a GREAT 4th grade year!!!

Then I had a graduating 5th grader. I did so much better then I thought I would at the graduation. I thought I would be an emotional basket case. I got teary eyed but the water works didn't flow. Isaac had a great year as well! He was challenged and pushed to be better. He had a fun year with his friends in his classroom too! Although, I think at the beginning of the year Mrs. Weber was wondering what she got herself into ;) He was lucky to have 2 homeroom teachers and his switch teacher! Thank you Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Cornell, and Mrs. Kindt for a wonderful 5th grade year and for investing the time into our children!


These boys started their elementary school years together and ended their elementary school years together! Best friends forever for sure!

Even though they will not be joining their friends in Sturgeon Bay School district in the Fall we will always have a special place in our hearts for the teachers, staff, and friends they had this year. What a wonderful 2015-16 school year we all had! Now on with the list! :)

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