Saturday, July 2, 2016

Two Questions: How is your support going? When do you leave?

We have been getting 2 questions from people lately so we thought we would answer them here too!  How is your support going? and When do you leave?

Question 1: Well, we are excited to say that we are at 58% funded for both years combined! To God be the glory! Can you believe it!?! We are 1 month into our support raising efforts and are over 50%. We are SO grateful to our friends and family who have given so generously to our needed financial support. We have been overwhelmed by the support of EVERYONE. Many donations have brought us to tears by your generosity. Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!! 

Question 2: We do not have plane tickets booked yet, but it is looking like we will be leaving sometime early September. Perfect scenario would be we spend Labor Day weekend in Sturgeon Bay and then make our rounds to say goodbye to our families one last time before flying out. We are really excited and we know September will be here before we know it! Once we get our tickets actually booked, we will update you all on when our departure date is.

With all that being said. We are praying that we are fully funded before we leave. So the quick math is 42% more to go and only about 9 weeks left to do it in. Trusting-Trusting-Trusting :) If you are planning on supporting us financially or are still praying about it, THANK YOU!! We love you and are so incredibly thankful for you. 

Here is how you can give electronically, visit: Fill out the form and in the comments or designation box be sure to put our names Jake and Pam Schulz. Done. Super easy! :)

If you would rather mail in your support you can do that as well by sending a check to CSC's main office at:

Children’s Shelter of Cebu; US Office
P.O. Box 247
Cambridge, MN 55008

Be sure to put our names in the memo line on your check, (Jake and Pam Schulz). THANK YOU so much!! 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can comment below or you can email us directly at God bless you all and HAPPY 4th!!

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