Saturday, July 9, 2016

We Found A House!

One of the biggest things for us when we were thinking about moving to the Philippines was wondering if we could find a clean SAFE place to live. Cebu City has 800,000+ people living in it which is VERY different from our 9,000 people in Sturgeon Bay, so finding the right place was huge for us! We are happy to say that we have found that! The house is in an area that we visited while we were there in March. We can visualize exactly where it is so that makes us a bit more comfortable as well. It is within walking distance to a grocery store and a few restaurants (including a delicious bakery!!). It is about a 5 minute car ride to the shelter and also to the office where Jake will be working, so it is very close to where we wanted to be! We prayed hard for a safe close place to live and God provided just that. Yet another thing checked off our list of things to do!! Praise God!! 

Our home for the next 2 years.

If you would like a few things to pray for, here are a few...
-Pray that things will continue to go smoothly with the process as a whole.
-Pray that the other 42% of our financial support will come in.
-Pray for us as we start the goodbyes to some family and friends next week which will be very hard.
-Continue to pray for the kiddos at the shelter that adoptive families will find them. CSC has a referral waiting list of more then 20 kiddos, they cannot take them all in at this time. Pray for God's guidance. 

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