Tuesday, May 23, 2017

6 Month Video

For those of you who have not seen our video of our first 6 months yet, here it is. We (mostly Jake) had a lot of fun putting it together. It was really hard trying to narrow down the pictures but we think this highlights our time here so far pretty well. Enjoy!! Love to you all!!


  1. The video was wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I thought I'd watch it before I "dig in" here at work and now I'm crying tears of joy for you. All is well in Door County. Things ramping up at Northern Sky for our season. Georgia just got her TEMPS this morning. She also got her braces off last week and scored her first goal of her high school career off a direct kick. So, she's basically killing it at life at the moment! :) Elliott is having a blast with DC Wave. I went to a game the other day and he was the most vocal on the team. I've never heard him "coach" like that. I think he's feeling more and more confident in his leadership skills rather than simply observing and taking it all in. A beautiful rainbow came out over the field at the game. Good day to be a soccer mom. Scout is considering doing some team manager or athletic trainer stuff in the next year or so. I'm encouraging it as it would be a great way to stay involved even though she's not one to join a sport. They are all excited for summer. Georgia will be working at Crossroads, Elliott will be working a little on a fishing charter and Scout will be babysitting. Don't want them to get too bogged down by "work" but they all want to feel independent. As for Jason and me, not much has changed. We think of you often and this video really gave me a sense of what you are experiencing in Cebu. You are amazing. Thank you for your dedication to your mission. Love, The Feldman Fam.

    1. Holly! Thank you so much for the Feldman update. We appreciate it more then we can express in words. We love knowing whats going on in the lives of our friends back home. Sounds like an excititng summer for all. We think of you all often and especially now. Traditionally speaking we would be seeing y'all at Peninsula State Park this weekend. I am sure it will be a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Praying for an awesome season. Take care!!