Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fun in the Sun

Summer is in full swing here in Cebu and we are having so much fun! The boys picked soccer camp as their summer activity to do along side some of the kiddos at CSC. They have been having a great time learning new skills and keeping their feet on the ball. As a result of that, we met a coach who coaches a U11 soccer team and a U13 soccer team! Is that crazy or what!?! What are the chances that he coaches the same ages as our boys. As a result of the camp they have been invited to play in some of his teams tournaments this month, one of them was on Mother's Day weekend. I tell you what. It was one of the funnest weekends we've had in awhile. I LOVE watching my kiddos do what they love. It brings me so much joy and happiness. They made many friends and they played some good soccer with their new teammates too! We had a great weekend of soccer and sun and we are looking forward to more :) It has been important to us and our kids to find relationships outside of CSC for many reasons and soccer has given us another opportunity to do just that and we are so grateful for another blessing of answered prayer.  Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and support. We are enjoying our time here in Cebu and are reminded on a regular basis that God has us where he wants us at this time. God bless you all!!


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